Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Finally, Balance

I don't know how much important legislation will take place in the next 2 years in what Tom Delay has called a "lame duck majority". At first I thought he was refering to the outgoing Republican lawmakers, which scared me, as I considered what they may try to accomplish in the coming months. Instead he was refering to the incoming Dems, whom he says will not be able to push any agenda as long as Bush is President. I suspect that there will be alot of stonewalling, which is progress. There will be balance and oversight, which is something many (apparently most) of us have been aching for. I love nonviolet changes of power.
Some thoughts:
Melman, the head of the RNC, is now refering to me as a progressive, not a liberal. That's nice, but he still was calling me to move to the right in order to achieve concensus.
Dean, his DNC counterpart, says he still believes America is a conservative country and I think he's right. Our Democratic leaders would be wise to follow Dean's lead and keep it toned down. We've been given an opportunity to lead and we should use it responsibly.
Murtha fired a shot across the bow. Someone needs to reign him in. We must be careful not to mire the country in more of the same partisan bickering.
Tennessee missed an opportunity to be represented by a true gentleman and statesman. He gave the most gracious concession speech I have ever heard. We will see him again.

More later. I have a test to study for. Much love.

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Anonymous said...

On first glance I mistakenly read your tagline as "A literal search for the end of discourse." Not quite sure how the neurons put that one together, but hey, my version is going to be a lot easier to find in Weblogistan!